Why buy Range Cookers

Built with hi-resistance one-piece hotplates, integrated spillage wells, precision controls, fully programmable Maxi-Clock and timer, and more, there’s not much our impressive Belling range cookers can’t do.

And because all our range cookers are A-rated, they cost less to run and have a limited effect on the environment.

Our range cookers boast a breathtaking number of functions and features, including touch control hot plates, child lock, pan overheating detection, glass lid auto shut-off and cook-to-off programmable timers. All of our range cookers are made in the UK to high quality standards.

Tall Oven

Market leading tall oven equipped with 91 litres of capacity and 25 shelf positions on 90cm models. Allows for multi-level cooking.


Fully programmable Maxi-Clock and timer with an easy to read display and touch control screen.

4KW Powerwok Burner

4KW Powerwok Burner

High performance powerful 4kW wok burner.

Elevated Pansure Supports

Elevated Pansure Supports

Multi-piece, raised cast iron supports make for easy movement of pans across the surface area.

Spillage Wells

Integrated spillage wells contain spills and make for easier cleaning.

Precision Controls

High quality easy-grip controls. Puts more precision at your fingertips.

Belling Permacoat Paint

Long-lasting, heat-resistant paint keeps your cooker looking newer, for longer.

Clearview Window

High-visibility windows. Keep an eye on your cooking, without opening the door and losing heat.

One-piece Steel-cast Frame

Made from a single-piece robust steel frame.

Easy Grip Door Handles

Easy Grip Door Handles are ergonomic, sturdy and safe to grip.

Hi-resistant One-piece Hotplate

Durable one-piece, stainless steel hotplate. Resistant to heat and corrosion.

A energy

All Farmhouse and Cookcentre cookers have an A rating for energy efficiency and can reduce running costs.

Add a splash of colour

We know that when it comes to choosing the right oven, it's not just about style. It's about shade too. That's why all of our range cookers come with at least three colours to choose from.

To find out more, click on the tabs below to explore the range of colours and finishes available in each collection.

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Get fuelled up

Our new collections may be iconic, but they’re also flexible. From gas to electric induction, there’s nothing you can’t ask of them.


Controllable through different burner sizes and adjustable flames. Gas ovens also allow for a moist cooking environment, preventing food from drying out so dishes turn out perfectly every time.

Dual Fuel

Enjoy two great features in one. Dual fuel gives you the ultimate control of gas hob cooking, together with the temperature distribution of an electric oven.

Electric and Induction

Electric hobs come with a ceramic or induction hotplate. Induction technology works by heating the pan rather than the hob, offering a smarter, faster, safer and greener way to cook.

The epitome of great British craftsmanship, our iconic range cookers are as aesthetically pleasing as they are high performing. Our collection includes Cookcentre, Farmhouse, Kensington and Gourmet designs, each with their own special charm and beauty available in an impressive array of colours. All made in the UK so you can be sure they’re built to high quality standards.