Efficient. Reliable. Flexible.

Efficient. Reliable. Flexible.

A mouth-watering array of features in the ComfortCook™ Built-in Oven collection:

More ways to cook

Whether it’s a crispy pizza or a slow-cooked Sunday roast with all the trimmings, our multifunction ovens provide a variety of settings to help you achieve great results for every recipe.

Cook on any shelf

With our Equiflow™ technology across all ComfortCook™ built-in ovens, the heat comes from behind the fan, ensuring that hot air is evenly circulated throughout the oven for a perfect, consistent result no matter which shelf you use.

Cleaning made simple

With options from easy clean enamel coating, catalytic liners to pyrolytic self-cleaning, the post cook clean up is no longer a fuss.

Quiet, efficient performance

With up to four layers of glazing, our ComfortCook™ built-in ovens are soundproof, so you don’t have to worry about a noisy fan in an open-plan kitchen. The multiple glazing also better retains heat inside the oven for more efficient cooking.

With a range of sizes and technologies, you can be assured that there is a Belling ComfortCook™ built-in oven for you:

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Why we love our ComfortCook™ induction hobs:

Durable for everyday cooking

We’ve designed our ComfortCook™ induction hobs with Schott Ceran® glass, to create a durable surface that can stand up to everyday kitchen mishaps and maintain its stylish look for longer.

Clever, long-lasting design

We know your appliances need to perform well but also look great - that’s why our ComfortCook™ induction hobs are designed with a small bevel on the front edge to help integrate with your countertop and prevent accidental chipping.

Flexibility when you need it

Looking for more cooking flexibility? Our Link+™ bridge technology combines two induction hob zones into one, creating a bigger surface for you to use with larger cookware, such as griddles or wide frying pans.

Precise cooking

The secret to perfectly boiled eggs? Our ComfortCook™ induction hobs have a clever timer function that turns off one or more cooking zones after a set time, helping you master every dish.

Find your perfect Belling ComfortCook™ induction hob now:

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Our Belling ComfortCook™ gas hobs come with:

Quick, intense heat

Master your stir fry with the wok burner on our gas hobs, which gives you 3.6 kW of power and delivers fast, intense heat when you need it.

Stylish and durable designs

Our options of strong and sturdy cast iron, or light and durable matte enamel pan supports, create a low-maintenance yet stylish finish to your hob.

Safe and easy operation

Dials with auto-ignition are located in front for ease of access. With the built-in flame failure safety device, you can cook with an added peace of mind.

Find your perfect Belling ComfortCook™ gas hob now:

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