Belling integrated fridge-freezers provide plenty of storage space for fresh and frozen foods, without taking up lots of space. They're even installed within a kitchen unit to ensure a sleek and unobtrusive look. All of our models are rated A+ for energy efficiency and come with handy features that help keep your food at its best.

Fridge and freezer capacity

Net capacity, measured in litres, refers to the amount of useable storage space in a cooling appliance. When choosing a fridge-freezer, it's useful to look at the separate fridge and freezer capacities to ensure you'll have enough room for your fresh and frozen foods.

Model Fridge net capacity (litres) Freezer net capacity (litres) Total net capacity (litres)
GDHA 5050FF 147 86 233
GDHA STAT 5050 148 94 242
GDHA 7030FF 180 63 243
GDHA STAT 7030 181 70 251


What kind of split do I need?

Fridge-freezers with a 50/50 split are half fridge, half freezer. Although the doors are the same size, it's important to remember that the net capacity is not necessarily the same in each compartment, because freezers tend to have less usable storage space than fridges. We also offer 70/30 fridge-freezers, which are 70% fridge and 30% freezer. This is more practical if you buy more fresh foods and don't need lots of freezer space.

All of our fridge-freezers have the fridge at the top and the freezer at the bottom. Reversible doors on both sections allow you to have the hinge on either the left or right, so you can choose whatever works best according to the position of your appliance.

Our Fridge-Freezer Features

All of our fridge-freezers have an adjustable fridge thermostat, making it easy to store your food and drink at the optimum temperature. They also have dual humidity drawers that help keep veggies crisp and fresh for longer.

Keeping your food fresh for longer

Every freezer compartment has the maximum four-star rating, meaning you can safely store foods for three months or longer. They can all freeze up to three kilograms of fresh food every 24 hours - ideal for meal prepping.

Handy organisation features

Keep your food organised with fridge furniture including wine racks, egg trays, door racks, salad drawers and easy-clean glass shelves. Every freezer compartment has spacious drawers, a handy shelf, and an ice cube tray.

Efficient and eco-friendly

A+ energy ratings mean our fridge-freezers are cheaper to run and more efficient than many on the market. They're also 100% free of CFC and HFC gases, which are harmful to the environment.

Automatic defrosting

Our frost-free fridge-freezers have an automatic defrost function, which stops ice from accumulating and taking up valuable space inside your freezer. This also helps ensure that your appliance runs as efficiently as possible