Built-in Hobs

Whether you want to go from boiling to simmering in seconds, flash-fry at high heats, or cook gently at low temperatures, Belling built-in hobs provide the control needed for incredible results. Plus, they're packed with features that make cooking a pleasure - and ensure cleaning up afterwards is a breeze. Learn more about our top-quality hobs, many of which are built right here in Britain.


Our 60cm, 70cm and 75cm gas hobs provide instant heat via mains gas or LPG, and allow exceptional control over cooking temperatures. With four to five burners in various sizes on every model, you can easily manage multiple pans and benefit from even heat distribution across each one. A built-in safety device, which cuts the gas supply if a flame goes out, gives peace of mind.

Gloss-enamel or cast-iron pan supports provide stability, and are easily removed for cleaning afterwards. We have gas hobs available in stylish stainless steel, black, and white, so you're sure to find a model that complements the rest of your appliances. Choose a modern gas-through-glass design for an added touch of sophistication

Ceramic Induction

Our ceramic induction hobs heat your pan rather than the hob, making them some of the safest, fastest and greenest models available on the market. We have a range of 60cm models, as well as a compact 30cm and spacious 90cm induction hob , all boasting a black ceramic glass surface that's easy to keep clean and looks fantastic.

Accurate and ultra-responsive, you'll use intuitive rotary knobs or touch controls to cook at exactly the right temperature every time. You can melt chocolate directly in the pan at very low temperatures, or use the power boost function to generate intense heat ideal for stir fries. There’s also a residual heat indicator which remind you not to touch a hot cooking zone until it’s cooled down. Safety first. Other features available include Link+ and pan detection - learn more below.

Electric Ceramic

We have a range of 60cm-wide electric ceramic hobs, as well as 77cm and 90cm models. Our 70cm ceramic hob boasts a PowerWok, which you can learn more about below. All have an easy-clean ceramic glass hotplate with four or five zones in two or three sizes, so you can keep multiple pans at the perfect temperature using intuitive touch or rotary controls.

We have black and charcoal models to choose from, all of which offer exceptional flexibility in the kitchen. Specially designed to make cooking as easy, safe and enjoyable as possible, they're packed with handy features such as hot hob warning lights, timers and child locks.

Our 30cm electric ceramic hob is small but mighty, boasting nine power levels and touch controls.

Which Hob is Right For Me?

Induction hobs are the fastest, safest and greenest option - they're almost twice as fast as gas, and 25% more efficient than ceramic electric. They work perfectly with the vast majority of pans: as long as the base is magnetic, you're good to go.

If it's an easy-clean electric hob you're looking for, our ceramic hobs are a lower-cost alternative to ceramic induction. On the other hand, many cooks prefer the control afforded by a gas hob, and these are typically cheaper to run than electric models.

We've covered all angles when it comes to installation. Many of our electric models have a standard 32amp connection, and we have plug-in induction hobs if you want to avoid hard-wiring. Our LPG models provide all the benefits of a gas hob if you're not connected to the mains.

When choosing a size, you need to consider not only your cooking needs but the space available on your worktop. Our built-in hobs range from 30cm to 90cm wide, and come in depths of 40cm to 56cm. Most people choose the colour finish to match their other appliances, particularly their built-in oven.

The last thing to think about is which features you need or want on your hob. You can learn more about the innovative features available on select Belling built-in hobs below.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Sneak Peak at our Special Features

We cater to every kind of cook by building a special combination of innovative features into each of our integrated hobs, many of which are manufactured right here in Britain. Take a sneak peek at some of the features available in our range below, and decide which are a must-have in your kitchen.

Link+ Technology

Connect front and back cooking zones to deliver heat across a larger cooking surface.

Easy-clean Ceramic and Enamel

Our easy-clean ceramic hotplates and enamel pan supports repel food and grease.

Cast-iron Pan Supports

Robust cast-iron pan supports provide unbeatable stability and a professional look on gas hobs.

Touch Controls

Our easy-to-use digital touch controls give your entire hob a flat surface.

4kW PowerWok™ Burner

Great for stir fries, our PowerWok™ burners instantly and evenly deliver extremely high heats to large pans.

Pan Detection

Shuts down unattended hobs, lowers the heat when a pan's removed, and indicates whether you're using a suitable pan.