Wine Coolers

With a Belling wine cooler, you can serve wine at the perfect temperature every time. Whether you're pouring yourself a glass or hosting a dinner party, you'll notice the difference in every sip and truly enjoy your wine at its absolute best. We've got three stylish freestanding appliances to choose from - find out which one is right for you and your home.

Size and bottle capacity

When choosing a wine cooler size, you need to consider how many bottles you'd like to store as well as the space available for the appliance. Our freestanding models are designed to fit underneath your kitchen worktop.

Model Bottle capacity Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth without handle (mm)
150WC MK2 7 148 870-890 525
300WC MK2 18 295 870-890 568
600WC MK2 46 595 870-890 568


Single vs dual zone

All of the bottles in a single-zone wine cooler are chilled to one selected temperature. Our dual-zone cooler has two temperature zones, which is extremely handy if you want to store both red and white wines, for example. Of course, you have the flexibility to chill all bottles to the same temperature if you wish.

The Benefits of Our Wine Coolers

Serve your wine at the perfect temperature

The recommended fridge temperature of 3-5°C is too cold for wine, while a typical room temperature of 21°C is too warm - even for reds. Our wine coolers can chill your bottles to anywhere from 5-22°C, allowing you to get the absolute best from white, rosé, red, sparkling and fortified wines. They also maintain a stable temperature, helping to preserve quality and flavour.

Store your wine properly

While bottles stoppered with screwcaps or artificial corks can be stored vertically or horizontally, bottles with a natural cork should not be stored upright. That's because this allows the cork to dry out and let oxygen inside, which can impair the flavour through oxidisation. All of our wine coolers keep your bottles on their side, securely racked so they're easy to organise and access.

Modern and stylish

Our CFC- and HFC-free wine coolers are designed to fit underneath your worktop. They're available in black or stainless steel, but have a glass door panel that beautifully showcases your collection. Every model has a modern digital display, an LED light, and stylish wooden or chrome shelves.