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Belling’s New Energy-Saving Recipe Book Could Save Millions in UK Fuel Costs

With research showing that households spending just an hour cooking a day costs £208.93 per annum in fuel costs*, we’re launching a new, free, energy-saving recipe book  to help cut costs, saving the nation tens of millions every year.

While energy prices remain high and the cost of living is a concern to most UK households, our ‘Energy-Saving Recipe Book’ is full of delicious, budget-friendly dishes to cook and enjoy as a family, with each recipe specially-created as a lower-energy version of a much-loved dish – which could save households £49.32 every year.**

For example, did you know that a traditional roast dinner can take two hours or more to make, but a few simple alterations can result in a just-as-tasty spread on the table in a mere 40 minutes, using 66% less energy? 

Our cookbook includes easy ingredient swaps, saving on the food shop as well as the energy used – for example, chicken thighs can replace a whole chicken and cook in less time, and beans or pulses can be added to recipes to replace the meat, or make it go further. 

Every family deserves good quality, home-cooked food on the table. Belling has been at the heart of British kitchens for more than a century, so we've used some of that know-how to create lower-energy recipes that everyone can enjoy whilst saving money. 

Energy Saving

 The Belling Energy-Saving Recipe Book is free to download here >

*Calculated using average appliance power use of 2,000W and 57.24p hourly usage rate based on 28.62p per kWh electricity direct debit tariff: 57.24p (one hour’s use) x 365 (daily) = £208.93.

**If all ten recipes are cooked every month, the annual saving would be £49.32 (£4.11 x 12). 

19.4 million families in the UK according to ONS data. £208.93 annual energy cost cooking for one hour per day x 19.4m = £4,053,242,000 / £4.1bn.

Belling’s energy-saving recipes have been created as lower-cost versions of traditional dishes. The cost and energy savings have been calculated using the 28.62p per kWh unit rate for electricity via direct debit (correct tariff as of January 2024), using an average appliance energy usage of 2000W (source: Centre for Sustainable Energy). To create a straightforward comparison as most recipes are a combination of oven and hob cooking, the electricity tariff has been used as GOV.UK reports that the majority of households have electric ovens. 

 The energy cost has been worked out using the formula 2kWh (appliance energy use) x 28.62p (unit rate) x 1 to determine a usage cost of 57.24p per hour, 0.954p per minute, and 9.54p per ten minutes. The % cost / time saving has been worked out using the Belling cost / time as a percentage of the traditional recipe cost / time. 

The Belling recipe cooking times have been compared against traditional versions from BBC Food, using the closest comparable recipe in terms of ingredients and cooking temperature. 

Energy Saving