The integrated freezers available here at Belling are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design, and boast A+ energy ratings that help keep running costs low. We have tall and undercounter models to choose from, both covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty.

Built-in vs built-under

Both of our freezers are integrated, which means they're installed with a cupboard door to the front to ensure a seamless look in your kitchen. While our built-under model fits beneath your worktop, and works perfectly alongside a built-under larder fridge, our taller built-in freezer occupies a full kitchen column and provides lots of extra storage space.


The net capacity of a freezer refers to the usable storage space and is measured in litres. Our undercounter freezer has a net capacity of 93 litres across three drawers, allowing you to freeze around four shopping bags full of food. Our tall built-in freezer has a net capacity of 217 litres across nine storage drawers - ideal for families.

Our Freezer Features

Adjustable thermostat

Whatever you're freezing, you can adjust the temperature to suit thanks to an easy-to-use thermostat.

Reversible doors

The freezer door can be hinged on the left or right, so you can choose the most convenient set-up for your kitchen.

CFC and HFC free

We don't use CFC or HFC gases, which can cause damage to the environment, in any of our cooling appliances.

Fast freeze

The fast-freeze function gets fresh foods frozen quicker, helping to minimise ice crystal formation and maintain food quality.