Dishwashing Appliances

With a Belling dishwasher, you can get your dishes sparkling clean with the minimum of fuss. We've got a range of models to suit every household, all rated A++ or A+++ for energy efficiency to keep running costs low. They're also quieter, quicker and more adaptable than many models on the market. Find out more about our dishwashers below.

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Things to consider

Full-width vs slimline

Full-size dishwashers measure 60cm wide, while slimline dishwashers are three-quarters of the size at 45cm wide. This means you can choose a model to suit the available space in your kitchen, as well as your dishwashing needs.

Slimline dishwashers are generally the more economical choice for couples, while full-size dishwashers are great for families and adventurous cooks who use lots of pots and pans.

Integrated vs freestanding

Integrated dishwashers are fitted with a cupboard door to the front, ensuring a streamlined look in your kitchen. However, freestanding dishwashers are easier to install and maintain, and can be taken with you when you move home. All of our freestanding dishwashers come in white, and our Sensicare dishwasher is available in silver, too.


Dishwasher capacity is measured in the number of place settings that can be accommodated, where one is roughly equivalent to the crockery and cutlery each person uses in a three-course meal. The capacity you need depends not only on how many people are in your household, but how much cookware you typically use to prepare a meal.

Model Type Place setting capacity Great for...
FDW90 45cm freestanding 9 Couples
IDW45 45cm integrated 10
FDW120 60cm freestanding 12 Families
IDW60 60cm integrated 14 Large Families
FDW150 60cm freestanding 15

For maximum flexibility when it comes to loading your dishwasher, all of our models have adjustable and removable parts that allow you to make more room for large and awkwardly shaped items when necessary, helping you fit exactly what you need into each load.


Features to look out for

Sensicare technology

Our Sensicare dishwasher is packed with exclusive features including TurboDry, which produces extra heat to dry dishes quicker. It also boasts three adjustable storage levels that make it easier to fit all your dirty dishes into a single load. Learn more about Sensicare.

Wash programmes

Specialist wash programmes and multiple temperature settings deliver the results you need quickly and efficiently, no matter what's in your load. No more opening the door to find dishwasher-burned glassware or grubby ovenware. Every model comes with Intensive Wash, Quick Wash and Economy Wash programmes.

Refill indicator lights

There's no need to remember to add rinse aid or salt to a Belling dishwasher: our indicator lights will let you know when it's time for a top-up. That means you get the best possible results without the hassle.

24-hour delay

Select dishwasher models come with a 24-hour delay timer, so you can set the programme to start during off-peak energy tariffs, or delay the noise disruption until a time when no one's within earshot.