Cooling Appliances

Belling's reliable cooling appliances can be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen design. We offer fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers rated A+ for energy efficiency, as well as luxury wine coolers. They're all CFC- and HFC-free, and covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty. Learn more about choosing the right appliance for your home or explore our range now.

Why Buy Belling Cooling Appliances?

Fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers

Built-in vs built-under

Our integrated fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers are installed within a kitchen unit, meaning they'll look fantastic in any design. You can choose between undercounter appliances that fit beneath your worktop, as well as tall built-in models that occupy a full column.

We have undercounter fridges with and without freezer compartments, as well as an undercounter freezer. If you have a column to work with, we have tall fridge and freezer models, and a selection of fridge-freezers with 50/50 and 70/30 splits. This means you can choose a single appliance or a combination that suits your household needs.

Built-in vs Built-under

The net capacity of a cooling appliance is measured in litres, and refers to the usable storage space. Think about how much fresh and frozen food you'll need to store at once in order to choose the right appliance(s).

In general, a fridge capacity under 100 litres is suitable for couples and single-person households, while 100–200 litres is better for families. A capacity over 200 litres is great for large families, or if you'd simply like lots of space to store fresh foods and chilled drinks.

A freezer capacity of 60–100 litres is suitable for the average household, although a freezer compartment in an undercounter fridge can work in smaller homes that mainly eat fresh foods. Larger capacities are great for families, meal-preppers, and those who like buying food in bulk.

Model Fridge net capacity (litres) Freezer net capacity (litres)
BEL BTL 177 316 -
BEL BTF 177 - 217
GDHA 5050FF 147 86
GDHA STAT 5050 148 94
GDHA 7030FF 180 63
GDHA STAT 7030 181 70
Capacity Capacity

Do I need a wine cooler?

Fridges are of course suitable for chilling wine, and many of our models come with a built-in wine rack for added convenience. However, a wine cooler allows you to enjoy every bottle at its absolute best, and provides a practical storage solution if you like to keep multiple bottles at hand. Find out more about our wine coolers or shop the range now.

Wine coolers
Do I need a wine cooler?