Belling tumble dryers have built-in Sensicare moisture sensors, so the cycle always ends at just the right time - no more under- or over-drying! Learn more about the convenient, energy-efficient features on our models.

Why Buy Belling Tumble Dryers?

Things to consider

Condenser v Heat Pump

We offer a condenser tumble dryer as well as a Heat Pump dryer, both packed with clever, easy-to-use features that make laundry less of a chore.

Unlike vented models, condenser and Heat Pump dryers take care of all the damp air inside. As there's no need to have a venting hose hanging out of your window or installed in your wall, they're much more convenient and can be positioned almost anywhere.

Heat Pump dryers are the most energy efficient models on the market, as they recycle the hot air that's created during the drying process. That's part of the reason why ours has an incredible A++ efficiency rating, and uses 50% less energy than a standard class C condenser dryer - great news for your pocket as well as the environment.

Condenser v Heat Pump

Belling dryer features


Whether you're looking to iron, hang, fold, or wear your clothes after emptying the drum, you can choose the dryness setting to suit and get the best possible results. Available on cotton and synthetics programmes.

Delay start

Set your tumble dryer to start any time in the next 24 hours, so the programme finishes at a time that suits you. Rather than returning to a dryer full of cold and crumpled clothes, you'll be able to get items hung or folded while they're still nice and warm.


This clever feature loosens your clothes at regular intervals to prevent creases from forming, so you spend less time ironing and more time doing what you enjoy. That also means reducing your energy usage, so you can lower your carbon footprint as well as your electricity bills.

12 programmes

Our tumble dryers have 12 programmes designed for different types of loads, so you can get your items dry as quickly as possible - and without causing any damage. You'll even find specialist wool and delicates settings, which will help to keep them looking as good as new for longer.

8kg capacity

With an 8kg capacity, our tumble dryers can handle a full load from a 7kg or 8kg washing machine - that's equivalent to approximately 16 bath towels! However, they still fit within a standard kitchen unit gap, giving you the option to place yours underneath your worktop.

2-year parts and labour warranties

Both of our Sensicare tumble dryers come with a 2-year parts and 2-year labour warranty, so you know they're built to last.