Our legendary Baby Belling tabletop cookers have been faithful kitchen companions for over 80 years. During this time, they've proven to be fit for a Queen and cooked millions of meals in bedsits, holiday homes and student flats across the country. Learn more about the fascinating history of this iconic appliance, and the Baby Belling cookers available to buy today.

Why Buy a Baby Belling?

The Baby Belling today

Today, we have two Baby Belling models, both of which are proudly made in Britain. The plug-and-play Baby Belling 121R and the 32amp Baby Belling 321R both have a single electric oven with an easy-clean ceramic interior, which boasts an 18-litre capacity - enough for a 12lb turkey at Christmas!

They also feature a fixed-rate grill and two-plate hob, making it quick and easy to prepare almost any meal in a compact space. Available in sleek black or white, a Baby Belling mini cooker is the perfect addition to any small kitchen or kitchenette, and an efficient option when cooking for one.

Stand is available to purchase separately

The history of the Baby Belling

Our first tabletop cooker was the No.2 Baby Belling, which was launched in 1929. Following the 1926 Electricity Supply Act, which established the National Grid and made electricity cheaper and more accessible, it catered to a growing demand for affordable electric appliances in British homes.

A new and improved Baby Belling, the model No.40, was released in 1935. However, production halted five years later, as the Belling factory played its part in World War II. Everything from hand grenades to aircraft food cabinets were manufactured, with normal work resuming in post-war 1945.

The history of the Baby Belling
The history of the Baby Belling

It would also be around this time that Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret would learn to cook using a Baby Belling.

The Wee Baby Belling was released in 1951, and the Big Baby Belling followed the year after. In the 1960s, as more young people flew the nest to experience independent living and blocks of flats popped up across the country, there was a Baby Belling boom. In our 1960/61 brochure, we explain how the latest model can cook "soup, a large mixed grill and a sweet for the whole family... for a penny or two".

It was also in the 1960s that Baby Belling cookers were installed in the kitchens of Hampton Court Palace. As a grace and favour residence, it housed people who had served the crown or state in dozens of apartments, and the Baby Belling was ideal for these smaller living spaces.

The Baby Belling got its first major revamp in the company's jubilee year: 1972. The No.120 model offered an oven, grill, and two radiant rings, and received a Council of Industrial Design award for technical innovation, which was presented by HRH Prince Philip.

We continue to write the history of the iconic Baby Belling today. Learn more about our latest models below.

The history of the Baby Belling
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