Belling's integrated fridges are installed behind a cupboard door, making them a discreet and stylish option for any kitchen. Every model boasts an A+ energy rating - so you know yours will be environmentally friendly and inexpensive to run - and comes with a 1-year parts and labour warranty.

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Why Buy Belling Fridges?

Things to consider

Built-in vs built-under

Our fridges are integrated, which means they are installed behind a cupboard door for a seamless look. While our built-under models are fitted beneath your worktop, our family-friendly built-in fridge is taller and designed to occupy a full column in your kitchen. All models fit a standard-sized gap, and come with a reversible door so you can choose the set-up that best suits your kitchen layout.


The capacity of a fridge, measured in litres, refers to the volume of storage space. Gross capacity refers to the total volume, whereas net capacity refers to the usable volume. The larger the net capacity, the more food you can refrigerate.

Fridges are more energy-efficient when they are full, but overfilling can affect circulation and make it difficult for your fridge to maintain a safe and stable temperature. That's why it's so important to choose a capacity that complements your grocery shopping habits.

The table below lists the capacities of our models and approximately how many bags of food shopping this is equivalent to.

Model Net capacity (litres) Approximate capacity (bags of shopping)
BEL BTL177 316 17
Do you need a freezer compartment?

If you don't have the space for a fridge-freezer or separate freezer but still want the option to store frozen food, you need a built-under fridge with an integrated freezer compartment, also known as an ice box. Refrigerators without this feature, called larder fridges, are typically more spacious and energy-efficient.

Our refrigerator features

CFC and HFC-free

Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) are refrigerants that are used to cool a fridge. However, they are also greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change when released into the atmosphere. All Belling refrigerators are CFC-free and HFC-free, so you know you're making a responsible choice when buying from us.

A+ energy ratings

Every Belling refrigerator has an A+ energy rating. This means that they're more environmentally friendly than many models on the market, and cheaper to run. We also have a variety of capacities available, so you can choose the most efficient size for your household's needs.

Clever storage

All of our fridges have clever storage solutions, also known as fridge furniture, to help you keep your food fresh and organised. Look out for features like built-in bottle shelves that prevent bottles from rolling around, salad drawers that help keep vegetables crisp, and easy-to-clean glass shelves.

Our refrigerator features