For a seamless finish in your kitchen, you can't beat a Belling built-in oven. Designed to sit flush with your cabinets, whether you choose one that's installed at eye-level or underneath your worktop, they're a sleek and modern option for any home cook.

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Why buy a Belling Built-in Oven?

60cm built-in single ovens

Our 60cm built-in single ovens have an oven and grill in a single cavity, making them a great option for smaller spaces. They can be installed seamlessly under your worktop, or within a column for convenient eye-level cooking. We have electric and gas models in our range.

60 built-in single oven
70cm built-under ovens

70cm built-under ovens

Our 70cm built-under ovens are designed to fit underneath your worktop into a standard 60cm cut-out. Our range includes double gas and electric models with a main oven and separate oven/grill cavity. We also offer twin-cavity LPG models, which have a single oven and separate grill.

90cm built-in double ovens

Designed for installation within a column, our 90cm built-in double ovens allow you to oven-cook at two different temperatures simultaneously, or use the separate grill and oven at the same time. Our range includes a selection of electric double ovens, as well as a gas-powered model.

90cm built-in double oven

Things to consider

Built-in vs built-under
Built-under ovens are designed to fit in the standard gap in-between kitchen cabinets, underneath the worktop. Our built-in ovens are made for eye-level installation within a column. This means you won't need to stoop down to put things in and take things out of the oven, or to check how your food is doing.

All of our built-in ovens are 60cm wide and 55cm deep, but there are three heights to choose from. Our 70cm models are designed to fit into a standard 60cm wide space underneath a worktop, while our 90cm ovens should be installed in a 60cm wide column. Our 60cm models can be installed either way.

Fuel type
We have built-in ovens that run off electric, gas, and LPG. This means you can find a model to suit your household set-up, or go with your preferred fuel option. Gas tends to provide a more humid heat that's great for baking bread, while electric ovens create a drier heat that's preferable for cakes.

Built-in vs built-under

Colour & design
You will find stainless steel and black built-in ovens in our range. All have easy-to-use controls that help make cooking a pleasure, and are designed to make a stylish as well as practical addition to your home. Some models boast luxurious soft-close doors. There really is no better option for a sleek, modern and minimalistic kitchen.

Single, double or twin-cavity
Our single built-in ovens have an oven and grill in the same cavity. If you'd like the option to oven-cook at two different temperatures simultaneously, you'll need to opt for a double oven. Both our double ovens and twin-cavity ovens allow you to oven-cook and grill in separate cavities. Look out for our full-width grill pan - perfect for cooking up big breakfasts.

A larger oven capacity regularly comes in handy when cooking for a crowd - and means you can fit a bigger turkey come Christmas. Select 90cm models come with an incredibly spacious 80-litre oven and 44-litre oven/grill. Our latest 60cm single ovens boast a fantastic 73-litre capacity..

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Belling has been building ovens in Britain and beyond since 1912. We know what every home cook wants and needs in an oven, and go the extra mile to make sure ours exceed expectations. Here's a sneak peek at some of the special features available on select built-in and built-under ovens.

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