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Belling laundry appliances are designed with busy lifestyles in mind. Whatever your washing pile throws at you, from kids' grass-stained clothes to your favourite woollens and delicates, our products will help you get the results you need quickly and easily - and without causing unnecessary damage to your items, your bank balance, or the environment.

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We've got laundry appliances to suit every kind of household. As well as freestanding Sensicare washing machines and tumble dryers with varying capacities, we've got a Sensicare washer-dryer that's ideal for those with smaller spaces. We even offer an integrated washing machine that will fit seamlessly into your kitchen or utility room units.

Things to consider

Should I get a washer-dryer or separate appliances?

With a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, you have more flexibility to choose the features that suit your needs. You'll also be able to wash and dry simultaneously, so you can get through multiple loads of laundry quicker.

If you don't have the room for separate appliances, a washer-dryer takes up half the space and offers many of the same benefits. The other main advantage is being able to set a combined wash-and-dry cycle: as there's no need to be around to transfer wet clothes from one appliance to the other, this can save a lot of time and hassle.


The capacity of a washing machine, tumble dryer or washer-dryer refers to the maximum dry weight that you can load. If you're loading wet clothes, as you usually will be in a dryer, you don't have to worry about the extra weight of the water: the appliance is designed to cope with that.

Capacity is measured in kilograms, and one kilogram is equivalent to approximately one adult outfit (jeans, shirt and underwear) or two bath towels. To calculate what kind of capacity you'll need, try weighing a typical load on your bathroom scales.

Making the most of your appliance's capacity is more economical and cost-effective, so a bigger capacity isn't necessarily better. However, Belling appliances with the Sensiwash feature automatically adjust water and energy levels to the weight of your load, so you don't have to worry about inefficiency.

Things to consider

Features to look out for


Belling's Sensicare washing machines, tumble dryers and washer-dryers are packed with easy-to-use functions that, once you've experienced, you won't want to do laundry without! Learn more about the Sensicare features that will make your life easier - and help reduce those water and energy bills.

Energy efficiency

Keep running costs low by choosing one of our super-efficient laundry appliances. Our eco programmes and features don't compromise on results, and our Heat Pump tumble dryer and A+++(-30%) washers are among the most energy-efficient models on the market.

Features to look out for