Life of
a Kitchen

How does yours compare?

Is the kitchen the heart of the home? We surveyed 1,575 people to reveal what really takes place in the average British family kitchen.

From tears, tantrums, and cups of tea, to parties, kisses and singalongs, our national survey asked the great British public what good, bad, and unexpected moments take place in their kitchen each year – and the results are rather surprising!

The good

The research revealed that it’s a very happy room, with the average British kitchen hosting 624 bouts of laughter, 463 kisses and 275 kitchen singalongs.

When it comes to cooking, we enjoy 203 family meals and rustle together 52 roast dinners in the kitchen each year. We spend on average 2.7 hours a day in the kitchen – that equates to five weeks each year!

The bad

According to the research, we spill 166 drinks, burn 146 pieces of toast and catch the kids stealing food from the cupboard 172 times. Each kitchen will see an average of 171 arguments and 182 tantrums each year - but that’s all made better by the 2,828 cups of tea that are enjoyed – which equals to almost 8 cups a day!

And the unexpected...

Alongside its cooking duties, the kitchen is also the host to some of life’s most profound moments, with 15 percent of our survey respondents claiming they have dumped someone or been dumped, and a further five percent said they had served divorce papers in the kitchen. A further 20 percent said they have planned a small business and 13 percent said they’d drafted a resignation letter. Eight percent said they had proposed to a loved one (or been proposed to), and 5 percent admitted they had even given birth in the beloved room!

The big questions...

Who’s in charge? According to 70 percent of our survey, women are in charge of the kitchen, with 65 percent of women doing the cooking and 67 percent of men taking the rubbish out. If there is an argument, 27 percent of people admit it’s over a mess on the floor, as well as who’s doing the cooking and who’s got washing up duties.

Regardless of who made the mess, where to put the dishes and what recipe to cook, it’s clear to see that the kitchen is a treasured room in the family home, full of cherished memories. What do you get up to in the kitchen? Who takes out the bins and who rules the roost? Head over to @BellingUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know if these results match your family! #LifeOfAKitchen

What happens in the Average British Kitchen?

203 Family meals
171 Arguments
146 Slices of toast burned
166 Spilled drinks
182 Children having tantrums

172 Kids stealing food from cupboard
275 Songs sung along to
218 Pieces of gossip exchanged
624 Bouts of laughter
72 Dances
650 Loads of washing up
52 Roasts
62 Take-aways
120 Decisions made
463 Kisses

114 TV Dinners
94 Pieces of homework completed
94 Tears shed
109 Pieces of work completed
2,828 Cups of tea

Belling’s Ultimate Kitchen Party Playlist

Our research discovered that the kitchen is a popular room for parties, singalongs and dancing, so to celebrate our love for a kitchen boogie, we’ve created a playlist full of your favourite feel-good hits. Whether throwing a big party or just making breakfast, let these songs add the perfect soundtrack to your kitchen dancing!

People in the kitchen People in the kitchen People in the kitchen