Why Should Superheroes Eat Tuna?

2 min read
Looking to become a superhero? It all starts with diet! Get in shape and find out how tuna can help boost your crime-fighting skills.

It Builds Muscle

One of the main ingredients of tuna is protein, with tuna being among the protein richest meats. Muscles grow from proteins, recover faster and improve the metabolism rate of the body so, it is essential to make sure you’re ready to fight crime.

It Provides Energy

The components of tuna improve metabolism and increase energy, being rich in vitamin B, protein, and omega-3 acids, easily providing you with enough energy to keep up with all those dastardly criminals!

It Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

All-mighty Omega-3 acids help fight vision generation of the eyes. Good eyesight is important when spotting villains who are up to no good!

It Strengthens Your Bones

Vitamin D is a major building component for bones. Tuna provides this essential vitamin in a very tasty form, giving you strong and healthy bones and no fractures!