Timbercroft Primary School

Timbercroft Primary School, Plumstead, London

Timbercroft Primary school, is part of the Maritime Academy Trust and based in Plumstead, south-east London. The school is based on a large site in a residential area and is housed across four main buildings, with 440 pupils. At the time of entering the school had recently installed a teaching kitchen which is accessible to all of the children in the school for practical cooking sessions. However, a tight budget meant they had run out of the funds required to finish the kitchen with the required appliances.

In the school's entry Head of Design & Technology, Mrs Shaddick, said: "The kitchen has already been used by children as young as five for making topic related foods and we have also set up an after-school cooking club which gives the children opportunities to cook a variety of sweet and savoury foods. So far they have made cheese straws, savoury dips and apple crumble and there are many more delicious recipes planned! Winning this competition would allow us to further develop our teaching space and add more vital equipment, giving the children access to a wider range of recipes and further develop their knowledge of cooking and nutrition. We are also hoping to offer the space for use to other local schools and community groups."

For the Belling Cookery Club Competition the Year 1 class, which includes pupils aged five to six, created imaginative pictures of their favourite healthy meal and described why it is good for them. The entry the class chose to put forward was by Zahraa Malik, aged five.

Meal description: Zahraa Malik, aged 5, year 1

"My meal includes wholemeal pasta for my carbohydrates so I have lots of energy – it’s so stringy! Also meatballs to give me some energy and so I’m strong. Broccoli has lots of vitamins and potatoes are so soft and delicious."