Sutton Road Primary School

Sutton Road Primary School, Mansfield, England

"We are a growing school with more than 500 children and we currently have very little cooking facilities. We have in the past run a healthy eating workshop, for Key Stage 1 children, but this has heavily relied upon what equipment we can borrow from teaching staff, parents, the community and the local council. However, with cut backs in the local council they too are struggling with support they can offer their local schools."

"Our school would benefit from becoming a Belling Cookery club as it would raise the profile of cooking with our children, the importance of cooking food from scratch and promote healthy eating in school, as well as with parents."

"Our staff and children would love to run an after school for Key stage 1 and 2 children but equipment is the main barrier as it effects the quality of provision we can provide and what the children can actually cook during that time."

Katie and Rumeha

"How to Keep Healthy. We have got carbohydrates, sugars, protein, veg and dairy in our salad. Our salad has loads of good stuff in it and is healthy in all ways. The foods are good because they are healthy on your plate and are part of your five a day."

"We have chicken, sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and Feta cheese. Potatoes come under carbohydrates, chicken and sausage come under protein, lettuce and tomatoes come under veg and Feta cheese under dairy. The salad is full of loads of nutrients and loads of good other things."