St Roch's Primary & Deaf School

St Roch's Primary & Deaf School, Glasgow, Scotland

"The school has a designated classroom that enables learners to receive practical cooking experiences. There is an oven, various mixers and cooking utensils. The pupils learn how to make smoothies, bake wholemeal bread and make healthy snacks etc. We would like to establish an After School Intergenerational Family Cookery Club where parents /grandparents can work with their children and create healthy, economical meals for the families. Becoming a Belling Cookery Club would benefit the school because we would be able to have a cooker with a hob and another oven and this would enable us to cook a wider range of meals with a better variety of vegetables for our learners and families."


"My starter is a lovely bowl of lentil soup with a hint of pepper and a slice of bread. My main course is stew with sausage and mashed potatoes with carrots and broccoli at the side. My drink is milk because it is healthy and tastes nice."

"This meal is healthy because it has three different types of vegetables which are mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli. It also has meat which gives you protein, the milk is a dairy product which is also healthy for you. The lentil soup is also very good for you because it contains vegetables."