St Anne's C of E Primary School

St Anne's C of E Primary School, Worksop

"We have recently launched an after school cooking club, which was requested by parents in a questionnaire, but it has been oversubscribed. As we only have two cookers we are limited to the numbers we have. Worksop is an ex-mining town with all the associated problems. In school we try and offer our children as many opportunities as possible. If we were to win this competition, we would be able to offer our children more opportunities and teach them the importance of healthy cooking."


"This is a 3-D drawing of a fruit salad. It has tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, strawberries and raspberries in it. They taste really nice – some are sour and some are sweet. When they are all together they look really nice and colourful. The lettuce is crunchy, the cucumber skin is hard and the inside is soft. The raspberries are my favourite and are squidgy."

"In vegetables there are loads of vitamins and vitamins make you healthy. It is happy food which makes you smile. Sometimes for a treat I dip the strawberries in melted chocolate!"