Shawhead Primary School

Shawhead Primary School, Shawhead, Dumfries, Scotland

Shawhead School is a small rural school in Dumfries and Galloway with just 33 pupils. At the time of entering the competition it only had a two ring mini cooker, which meant that cooking could only be done in very small groups and what the pupils could cook was limited. Children had made pizzas at school but had to take them home to cook them!

For the Belling Cookery Club Competition the P3-7 class, which includes pupils aged seven to 11, wrote a 'wrap' to describe their healthy meal choice.

In the school's entry class teacher, Miss Baillie, said: "As we are a very small school, with only 33 pupils, and with the right equipment, we will be able to cook much more regularly. We would be able to do this as a whole class or even whole school activity, with the older children helping out the younger ones. This would really help us deliver the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes that are so important and enable our young learners to become independent and healthy adults. We are part of a cluster of small schools, and hopefully would be able to share this equipment, so that other children in the area would benefit too!"

And here is the class's winning 'wrap'

“We will jump and SHOUT and clap
While we gobble the Shawhead Wrap
From the W to the R to the A to the P
Won’t you come and dine with me
Carbohydrate is in the wrap
Energy boost after a nap
Then we need our fruit and veg
Healthy diet is what we pledge
Crunchy lettuce that’s what I mean
Taste the goodness of the green
Red and yellow and orange too
Plenty peppers picked for you
Carrots delicious when they’re raw
Come on now - chomp your jaw
Sweet, juicy, fruity, yum
The next ingredient in my tum
A tasty tropical flavour
Pineapple – is in our favour
Protein time, for growth and repair
To mend our bodies, it’s only fair
Let’s get that spicy chicken
Gives a mighty punch, and a kickin’
Cooked in a little oil
Carefully wrapped up in foil
Time to go, with the flow
Yo…..gurt, to calm that heat
So far, this is meal is neat
To balance our wrap we added dairy
Pure good health, nothing scary
Scrummy, yummy, taste buds tingle
With a crunch and a munch let’s do this jingle