High Littleton C of E Primary School

High Littleton C of E Primary School, Bristol

"High Littleton Primary School delivers limited cookery lessons within the classrooms. We also provide an after-school cookery club which is very popular with the children. The Cookery Club focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding required for healthy eating. The school shares a kitchen with the local Church and other community groups. However, these resources are old and need upgrading. Children often need to take home uncooked products and cannot access sinks or facilities to clear up after themselves. The cooker and fridge need replacing so that children and adults alike can use them safely."

"Being part of the Belling Cookery Club would hugely improve delivery of cookery across the school but would be particularly beneficial to the Cookery Club, increasing numbers that can access the club whilst facilitating the delivery of higher level skills for those that have mastered the basics. It would allow children to further develop an understanding of the health and safety requirements when using equipment and to use it themselves when appropriate. Improved facilities would also allow us to harness the children’s enthusiasm for cookery and provide parent and child workshops and further develop the healthy ethos of the school."


"Chicken, chick pea & spinach curry, with yoghurt & rice."

"I really like having this meal because it has lots of nice flavour and because it is good for you. It includes vegetables and fruit – onions, tomatoes and spinach; protein – chickpeas and chicken; carbohydrates – rice; Dairy – yoghurt; Good fats – olive oil and other ingredients are coriander, spices and ginger."