Constantine Primary School

Constantine Primary School, Constantine, Cornwall

"Constantine School is passionate about the delivery of cookery. Over the past two years two dedicated Teaching Assistants have timetabled every Friday morning to deliver whole class cookery lessons on a rota basis – every child has the opportunity. They cook a wide variety of recipes, often linked to topics being taught – Cornish pasties are always a favourite!"

"Space and equipment are an ongoing issue. We have one portable two ring hob/mini oven. We often have to persuade the catering company in the school kitchen to let us use their ovens but that interferes with school lunches and is reliant on how busy the kitchen is. There is no other cold storage apart from a small fridge in the staff room so again quantities are completely restricted by available space. New appliances would be amazing and would transform the provision we are able to offer."


"My dish is fish pie, peas and salad. Fish has lots of protein in it. Potato is full of carbohydrates, which gives us energy. Peas are very good for you because they have very little fat and lots of protein and fibre. Salad is full of Vitamin C, raw beetroot is full of iron to make you strong."