Arksey Primary School

Arksey Primary School, Arksey, Doncaster

"At the moment the school only has a mobile hob and a Baby Belling. This limits what we can bake or cook. I run the after school club – Let’s Get Cooking – but again the skills I can teach the children are limited to either using one hob or making something without using the oven."

"By winning the competition it would enable the school to teach cooking lessons and skills to every child. At Let’s Get Cooking we would be able to extends the skills and knowledge of the children."


"This nutritious dish is a source of minerals and fibre and is bursting with vitamins. The peppers, for example, have vitamin B6, E, C and 92% water. This meal is one of my favourites because it has a variety of different flavours and textures and is a meal that everyone can enjoy."