And the winners are...!


Congratulations to Linton Church of England Infant School in Linton, Cambridge and Little Melton Primary School in Norfolk, who are our latest Belling Cookery Club winners and will be receiving £2,000 of cooking appliances!

Belling is committed to supporting primary schools in providing practical cookery experiences to their pupils. This year’s Cookery Club competition was a great success and we received more than 10,000 votes for the shortlisted school entries. Find out more about the winning schools and their entries below – and watch out for news of the next round of the competition.


The winners

Linton Church of England Infant School, Linton, Cambridge

Theo Hatzixanthis, aged six, Year Two

The Year Two class at Linton Church of England Infant School all drew pictures of a balanced meal and described why they liked the foods but the work of one pupil – Theo Hatzixanthis – stood out. Six-year-old Theo drew a picture and wrote about spaghetti Bolognese, with extra vegetables and salad, which he chose as it contains protein, vitamins and provides energy.

Design Technology Lead at the school, Miss Campbell, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have won this competition! We only have 166 children on roll so this is an amazing achievement for us. We drummed up support by using social media and our school communication system, as well as approaching companies and local businesses and printing out leaflets which were sent home to parents. Theo and his sister also made some leaflets including his design and description and hand delivered them to the local villages in their spare time!

“We can now have a proper kitchen space for the children to use, equipped mostly by Belling! The staff and children at Linton Infants School are incredibly grateful for this wonderful and generous prize and are looking forward to enriching the curriculum with cookery lessons!”

Little Melton Primary School, Little Melton, Norfolk

The Eagle Owls Year 5/6 class, aged ten and 11

The Eagle Owls class at Little Melton, all aged ten and 11, went above and beyond with their 3D montage design of a Croque Monsieur toasted sandwich, including a step-by-step picture guide to the ingredients and processes to make the meal – including wholemeal bread for fibre, cheese for calcium and tomatoes for vitamin C.

Delighted teaching assistant, Mrs Kerry Awbery, explained that winning the competition will have a positive impact on the small village school and its extra-curricular activities. She said: "We are absolutely delighted to win, and the children are very excited about it! We have decided to organise an in school 'Great Bake Off' competition later this term, to celebrate.”

Winners from 2018

Shawhead Primary School, Shawhead, Dumfries, Scotland

Shawhead Primary School, Dumfries, Scotland

Timbercroft Primary School, Plumstead, London

Timbercroft Primary School, Plumstead, London