And the winners are...!


Congratulations to Shawhead Primary school of Dumfries in Scotland and Timbercroft Primary School of Plumstead in London, who are now officially the first Belling Cookery Club winners and will be receiving £2,000 of cooking appliances!

Belling is committed to supporting primary schools in providing practical cookery experiences to their pupils. It is estimated that only 25% of primary schools have the facilities to provide practical cookery lessons, despite cooking and nutrition now forming part of the curriculum across the UK, and Belling Cookery Club is designed to help address that situation in a small way.

The first phase of Belling Cookery Club was a great success and we received almost 5,000 votes for the shortlisted school entries. Find out more about the winning schools and their entries below - and watch out for news of the next competition re-opening later in 2018.


The winners

Shawhead Primary School,

Class P3-7, aged 7-11 years

Shawhead School is a small rural school in Dumfries and Galloway with just 33 pupils. It currently just has a two ring Baby Belling which means that cooking can only be done in very small groups and what the pupils can cook is limited - last term the children made pizzas at school but had to take them home to cook them!

For the Belling Cookery Club Competition the P3-7 class, which includes pupils aged seven to 11, wrote a 'wrap' to describe their healthy meal choice.

Timbercroft Primary School,

Zahraa Malik, aged 5, Year 1

Timbercroft Primary school, is part of the Maritime Academy Trust and based in Plumstead, south-east London. The school is based on a large site in a residential area and is housed across four main buildings, with 440 pupils. The school recently installed a teaching kitchen which is accessible to all of the children in the school for practical cooking sessions, but a tight budget meant not all could be provided.

For the Belling Cookery Club Competition the Year 1 class, which includes pupils aged five to six, created imaginative pictures of their favourite healthy meal and described why it is good for them. The entry the class chose to put forward was by Zahraa Malik, aged five.