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Submission from Veritas Primary Academy, Stafford
Veritas Primary Academy, Stafford Joe Gilhooly, Reception, aged 5

"Meet Stu! Stu is made up of lots of different foods that are nutritional. I think he looks good. I like his brown beard made of raisins and seeds. I used some of the foods that I like and some that I don't really like. I haven't tried some of the foods yet, but I will when I'm bigger!"

"The foods I do like are pasta - I remember having it when I was a baby. Raisins - sometimes I have these as a snack in the car. Sweetcorn - this makes me smile. I like it to be on the cob. I don't really like cabbage, tomato, red pepper and seeds but one day I might like these."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by class teacher Miss Barber:

"We currently use the staffroom for all our cooking which means one oven and one microwave. It is not very inclusive or manageable. We love active learning and our school aims are enrichment, opportunity and aspiration so we think having the opportunity to cook as part of our curriculum and learning adventures, not only enriches our children's learning but gives them aspiration for the future to perhaps be chefs, cook for their family or try new foods."