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Submission from Three Lane Ends Academy, Castleford
Three Lane Ends Academy, Castleford Key Stage 2 Cookery Group, aged 7-10
Meal description by the class:

"We have drawn a PRIDE Rainbow pizza made from healthy foods and explained why they are healthy for us. Peppers are one of your five a day and provide vitamins and courgettes are high in Vitamin C. Cheese is full of calcium which is great for your bones and teeth and olives are good for your heart. Ham provides protein which is good for building muscle, sweetcorn is a vegetable and another of your five a day and wholemeal bread is a carbohydrate which provides you with energy."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by class teacher Mrs Boycott:

"We currently have no cooking facilities for children to use within school, old equipment had to be scrapped as dangerous. So now children have to prep food and the cook puts the food in the kitchen ovens which are used for school lunches, so this restricts the teaching of cooking within the school daily."