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Submission from St Kentigern's Catholic Primary School, Blackpool
St Kentigern's Catholic Primary School, Blackpool Avery, Mia, Niamh and Lexie, Year 6, aged 10 and 11
Meal description by Avery, Mia, Niamh and Lexie:

"We all chose this meal because we wanted a variety of foods that give us a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables with some fats. We all agreed on ham and cheese pasta salad. Everybody loves a healthy berry smoothie, so we wanted this as our drink. The fruit kebabs are fun to make and eat with a yoghurt drizzle. We are desperate to win because we would love to cook this meal for our whole class at a celebration party - Miss McGrath has promised us!"

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by class teacher Mrs McGrath:

"The children love cooking but unfortunately we have been lacking in cooking facilities for a long time and are struggling to provide quality cooking lessons as we have not had the space or equipment needed. We are now down to using an old two plate table top stove and there is an old oven, but this is away from the classes so difficult to keep an eye on food cooking. We have been assigned a room to dedicate to cooking but now need equipment to fill the space. This would enable the children to have the quality of lesson they deserve and be able to invite parents/carers in to share their learning on healthy eating, life skills and of course taste the delightful food we will be making."