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Submission from Rothwell Victoria Junior School, Leeds
Rothwell Victoria Junior School, Leeds Ruth Johnstone, Year 5, aged 10
Meal description by Ruth:

"My Starter is a salad and chicken wrap. I also made a main of ham and lots of salad and tomatoes. My salad is healthy because salad is good for your blood and organs as it gives you vitamins and energy. I also put healthy wraps with ham and lettuce and tomatoes because not only are they yummy, they're really good for you. To finish I made a yoghurt with berries which is good for your bones."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by learning mentor Mrs McManus:

"We do not have the facilities to provide practical cookery lessons for children. We are striving to become 'Healthy School' accredited and this chance to win cooking appliances would be wonderful. We have 176 children in Key Stage 2 and only one small (and temperamental!) oven, which makes it impossible to provide our children with the opportunity to deliver a full and enriching cooking and nutrition curriculum. The chance to purchase new appliances would enable us to offer cooking lessons both in the school day and also as an after-school club. Our Year 6 children, in particular, will then leave for high school with a sound knowledge of practical cookery skills."