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Submission from Little Melton Primary School, Little Melton, Norfolk
Little Melton Primary School, Little Melton, Norfolk Eagle Owls Year 5/6 Class, aged 10-11
Meal description by George, Joshua, Millie, Evie and Jake:

"We made a Croque Monsieur - a quick healthy meal. It was amazing, every flavour, texture and look, mixed perfectly and the salad was the perfect refreshment."

"Wholemeal bread is healthy as it gives us fibre, vitamin B and minerals. Cheese has calcium to help our bones and teeth grow stronger, protein for growth and development and Vitamin A which is important for vision. Ham contains a healthy amount of protein and iron and tomatoes are a source of Vitamin C."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by teaching assistant, Mrs Awbery:

"Little Melton Primary is a village school with 115 pupils. The building is old and although it has a small servery area, we do not have any permanent cooking equipment. Despite this cooking plays an important part and we often make bread and use apples from the school grounds to make dishes. We have an after-school cooking club where we teach children lots of life-skills cookery and British classics, but it is always over-subscribed. The small number of cookers limits the number of pupils we can work with - cooking as a class can take nearly a day just to cook simple dishes like pizza."