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Submission from Linton Church of England Infant School, Linton, Cambridge
Linton Church of England Infant School, Linton, Cambridge Theo Hatzixanthis, Year 2, aged 7
Meal description by Theo:

"My favourite dinner is spaghetti bolognaise because I like meat. It's really tasty! It is healthy because meat contains protein, to help me grow, pasta contains carbs to give me energy and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals to keep me healthy."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by Design Technology Lead, Miss Campbell:

"Unfortunately, we are a significantly underfunded school and I have had to fight and raise some funds to have a very small kitchen area installed in our servery area. This consists of just a few cupboards and we do not have a proper children's kitchen on the premises at the moment so are just making the best of what we have! We really want to purchase a cooker for the children's kitchen area as we are currently unable to do any kind of cooking or baking with the children at all. This is a crucial part of the curriculum and I believe that it is important to teach the children life skills. I also run a Design Technology Club, but we are unable to teach many of the food areas which I would like to include in my sessions without a cooker!"