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Submission from Keyworth Primary school, London SE17
Keyworth Primary school, London SE17 Mandla Mutyambizi, Year 6, aged 11
Meal description by Mandla:

"I have drawn fish, brown rice, broccoli, spinach, onions and tomatoes with a little olive oil as there is healthy carbs, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins ,minerals and water in it. My mum makes fish and brown rice and Ienjoy it when my mum cooks fish dishes. I especially like rice, vegetables and salad also when it is made at school."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by cooking intervention teacher Miss Bergin:

"Currently we have cooking interventions twice a week with two groups of SEN children which provides them with life skills. The children love coming to cooking sessions, which is not only educational but gives them independence and self-esteem. A lot of our children are not exposed to different foods or taught cooking skills at home as we are positioned in a low catchment area with less opportunities. At the moment we are very limited on our resources and it would be amazing if would could l have more resources so that we can make more a variety of dishes and be able to use accessible equipment."