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Submission from Grasmere Primary School, Hackney
Grasmere Primary School, Hackney Albert Queney Schork, Year 2, aged 6
Meal description by Albert:

"I made this meal from Lego because it is my favourite healthy meal. It is a vegetarian burger in a wholemeal bun with sweet potato fries. There is homemade ketchup made from fresh tomatoes. I added some salad and cheese because cheese is good for teeth and bones and I love salad. If I eat all my dinner, I can have an apple and it is all washed down with some water."

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by Science and DT Co-ordinator, Ms Stuart:

"We love cooking and we do lots of it, however, the facilities we currently have are not child friendly and are located in the staff room. Because we share the facilities with staff, we are often limited as to when we can use the space. By running a cookery club with a designated area with our own appliances we can use them whenever we want and timetable its use by different classes. We are becoming a much healthier school and will be working with Chefs in Schools from the summer term. We have started to grow our own produce in our newly refurbished garden and plan to keep a regular rotation of seasonal vegetables that we can give to the school cook to use in the daily meals. If we had Belling cooking appliances, the children could contribute to the preparation of school dinners and create new recipes for people to try."