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Submission from Beam County Primary, Dagenham
Beam County Primary, Dagenham Pupils from Years 4 and 6
Meal description by the class: A poem by the pupils

"ROAST – A classic British dinner
Chicken roast definitely a winner
Bursting with flavour
A taste I will savour

Carbs, fibre, and all-round goodness
This lunch will be flawless
Chicken seasoned with salt & pepper
Gordon Ramsey wouldn’t make it better

Next we have the vegetables
And they sure are plentiful
Carrots, Broccoli, peas
The best wouldn’t you agree

Lashings of gravy cover the plate
As we all enjoy while sitting with our mates
Our school is one big community
We forever stand in unity"

Why we should be a Belling Cookery Club, by class teacher Mr Coker:

"Currently any cooking activities are undertaken in our staffroom, which means limited time and space and therefore less opportunity for children to be more independent and fully involved. This also limits spaces for parents to join us and if we can also teach the parents which would enable the learning to be sustained and would widen understanding of the variety of cultural practices, culinary skills and international foods of our local community."

"This amazing prize would give us the opportunity to incorporate cooking across the curriculum from Nursery to Year 6. It is our aim to have children, parents and grandparents learning together and sharing experiences and skills. Many children access food banks and this would help us to teach budgeting skills as well as creating inexpensive yet healthy meals."