Peppermint Galaxy Bark


Struggling to keep the kids busy? Do you want to win some serious parenting points to wow and impress? Why not try my Peppermint Galaxy Bark – a super fun and delicious recipe for you and the kids to get making!

This recipe is the last activity of Belling’s Summer Holiday Club – a collection of six unique activities and recipes to keep families entertained over summer.


Items you will need


Boiling Water

A Heat Safe Bowls (or wash up between stages!)

Wooden Spoon


Baking Tray

Baking Paper


**Please be advised that no child should be left alone around boiling water and will need parental supervision while baking this yummy treat**



1. Line your baking tray with the baking paper

2. Boil water and empty into your saucepan leaving around 3inches to the top of the pan.

3. Place bowl into saucepan and boiling water – ensure heat is set to medium (keep an eye on the water and ensure it would not boil over)

4. Empty yellow candy melts into the heated bowl and mix until all candy has melted.

5. Pour the melted yellow candy melts onto the base of the baking tray in a 3cm or more layer (leave a tiny bit for later)

6. Repeat step 4 with the blue candy melts

7. Using a teaspoon, gently drizzle and coat the yellow layer of candy melts with the blue chocolate.

8. Repeat step 4 using black candy melts (ensure you use 500g for this stage)

9. Pour the black candy melts in a thick layer over the yellow and blue candy melts

10. Using a clean teaspoon gently put the tip into the bottom layers and drag the spoon in lines and swirls (as you gently pull the spoon through the layers you will pull the yellow and blue candy colours through onto the top of the black!)

11. Melt the white candy melts using step 4 and drizzle (using a spoon) the white candy over the chocolate in circle motions – you can repeat this step with the yellow too (it creates a beautiful ring effect!)

12. Now garnish your chocolate with your edible glitter and stars

13. Place into refrigerator for 2 hours min

14. Pull your set chocolate out of the baking tray using the sides of the paper

15. Now this is the fun part! Take a metal spoon…turn over your chocolate and bash it! – breaking it into small enough shards to eat!

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!


Content provided by The Ogbornes for Belling’s Summer Holiday Club.


Prep time: 45 mins

Cook time: 2 hours

Serves: 6

  • 500g Black Candy Melts

  • 250g Yellow Candy Melts

  • 250g Blue Candy Melts

  • 250g White Candy Melts

  • Peppermint Extract

  • 1 pkg. Blue Edible Glitter

  • 1 pkg. Gold Edible Stars