So, Whose Washing Line Is It Anyway?

Do you know your celebrities – and their washing? If so, you might like our fun Facebook game Whose Washing Line Is It Anyway?, in which we're giving away brand new Belling Sensicare laundry appliances! Head over to our Facebook page and click on the pinned post now for your chance to win... 

To get you warmed up… can you guess whose washing is on the line below?



If you guessed Simon Cowell, you’d be right – just like Maria L from Dorset, who won the first round.

Ready for another one? Let's see if you can feel the love tonight for this celeb... 



Did you guess the one and only Sir Elton John? So did Bridget H from Chipping Norton, who won this round! 

Let's have another go... 



Could it be any other than Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman? Congratulations to Tamara F from Essex, who was our lucky winner this round. 



Tune in to the Belling UK Facebook page to play and for updates on the next round of Whose Washing Line Is It Anyway? 

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