Sarah Christie's Kitchen Tour

Our kitchen was one of the things that attracted me to our home. It's a great space and serves as a wonderful family hub. This is where we hang out most of the time. When we have visitors the kitchen is the natural space to all gather. I love cooking and entertaining, so am able to be involved and cook at the same time. 


Ok if I had to be super fussy, I would prefer the kitchen to be whiter and brighter, but it's not, its black and glossy and super sleek. I have gradually added additional features to give a more of an industrial modern feel. Like introducing my beloved vintage dining table, which took me years to find. And loft style lighting to give it an urban feel. And it really works. I love the look of our dining area. 


It was important for us to create an area the boys were happy hanging out in. Gone are the days when they just chill in the lounge. They are busy and on the go all the time. And like to spend time in their rooms revising, listening to music and gaming. Yet the kitchen seems a more accessible chilled area.


When we moved in we noticed that the original oven had not been as well looked after as we had thought. That and the fact that I am a lover of cooking on electric meant I was determined the change the oven for a newer, shinier model with an induction hob. 


I looked for quite some time before I found exactly what I wanted. The versatility and cooking space that a range cooker can offer is vital with a growing family. Sometimes I can cook several meals in one sitting. However I wanted modern clean lines to match the kitchen.

The Belling Farmhouse 110EI fits perfectly, super sleek, modern and easy to use and keep clean. I pondered for quite some time over whether to choose a statement colour as I love the blue version. But we eventually agreed that Black was more versatile if we did decide to go for a lighter kitchen in the future black would fit in perfectly. But for now it blends in so well and looks great with our black gloss kitchen units. 


I know appliances need to be functional and great quality, but they also need to have style and look great in your home, and I really think our belling Range ticks all the boxes for family living.


I honestly never thought I would get so excited about an oven, but I love it, it has restored my love of cooking. When you trust your oven and get to know how it works cooking is such a pleasurable experience.

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