Iced Jems and Belling

Homepreneur Jemma Lloyd’s Belling range cooker is at the heart of her home-based business.

Jemma, 29, was working in a high pressured sales role in London when she turned to baking a form of relaxation. As an adventurous home baker, and finding herself producing ever increasing batch bakes, she outgrew her built-in oven and invested in her first range cooker aged 25.

As her interest in baking grew, Jemma set up a basic recipe blog and began posting recipes and photos of her bakes. The blog quickly grew in popularity and she noticed people were always asking her where she got her equipment from. Spotting an opportunity, Jemma set up an online shop linked to her blog selling everything from baking moulds to sugar decorations. Fast forward 6 years and Jemma has grown has grown her home empire – Iced Jems – into a strong internet business and retail store in West Midlands with its own school teaching baking and sugar craft. She has over 280,000 followers on Facebook and an ever-growing blog following.

Jemma has recently invested in a second Belling range cooker for her baking school and says it’s at the heart of the classes she offers: “The classes I teach have become really popular, and whilst I keep the class sizes small, I still need to be able accommodate up to six people making things like macarons or fudge. The larger hob and the multiple cavities of a range cooker means I can have a group gathered around the range and can put four batches in at once knowing they’ll all cook evenly.

“I opted for an electric model as the wipe clean hob really appealed to me. I often have short changeover periods between classes, so I need to be able to restore the kitchen – and the cooker - to its previous state before the next class starts.”

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