#BellingCooks Q&A with Brian Turner!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new fanned gas technology, we’ve been hosting a series of Twitter and Facebook-based Q&A sessions with British chef, Brian Turner, aiming to answer your kitchen queries.

Fanned gas offers a conventional gas oven, with an electric fan that can be controlled with a switch. It creates an even temperature and keeps flavours from intermingling – so you can bake a cake at the same time as a cut of meat. You can even switch between fanned and conventional gas cooking!


To help Britain become a nation of brilliant bakers and cracking cooks, we’ve worked with Brian Turner to host three Twitter and Facebook-based Q&A sessions. Hundreds of you shared your cooking queries with us online, with problems ranging from flat Yorkshire puds to boring breakfasts. See the best of Brian Turner’s foodie advice below...

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