Welcome to the Sensicare collection. Made up of our modern freestanding Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Dishwashers and Washer Dryers, it's a range designed and built with you in mind. Each appliance comes complete with innovative features, from a Hydrocare Drum that cares for your clothes, to our Timesaver feature that shortens a jeans wash by up to 36 minutes. This is washing technology made loads better.


Always ready. Always up to the job.

Our Sensicare Washing Machines come equipped with clever Hydrocare Drums that have over 2000 holes located deep inside the drum to carefully protect your clothes from risk of damage. Plus, a Sensiwash feature that adjusts the water input to suit your load.

But we don't just care for your clothes, we care about your whole experience. That's why all our models have an A+++ energy rating, with our 9 and 10kg models being a further 30% more efficient with an energy rating of A+++ - 30%. The 9 & 10kg models also come with a Silentdrive Inverter Motor complete with a 12 year parts guarantee, so you not only get to enjoy a more energy efficient wash, but a quieter one too.

Hydrocare Drum

Improves wash performance and protects your clothes.


Multifunction ergonomic touch control display.


Completes standard wash cycle 33% more quickly.


Add clothes to your wash mid-cycle.

Silentdrive Inverter Motor

Energy efficient inverter motor helps reduce noise levels. Comes with a 12-year parts warranty for maximum peace of mind.

  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 12 Year Invertor Motor Guarantee

"I found the Sensiwash feature really useful - it's great to know that the machine is automatically making sure I'm not wasting water or energy. Saving time and money without lifting a finger? Perfect!"

Helen Wheeler, Mum


The best of both.

The Sensicare Washer Dryer has been cleverly designed to include lots of the great features. Like Sensiwash, that adjusts the water input to suit your load. And a Hydrocare Drum that improves wash performance and protects your clothes. Then there's our Silentdrive Inverter Motor for a quieter cycle, which comes with a 12 year parts guarantee. But even better, you get all the benefits of Dry+ too, which gets clothes drier and fresher, with the choice of three different levels of drying power.

Hydrocare Drum

Eco-friendly drum keeps clothes in contact with water for longer


Choose from three different levels of drying power: extra dry, normal and gentle dry


Energy efficient Inverter Motor helps reduce noise levels


Optimises water and energy use


Loads better for everyone.

The Sensicare Tumble Dryers are expertly engineered to get clothes dry quickly, safely and economically. Whether you decide to go for a Condenser Dryer, or our A++ energy-efficient Heatpump model, you'll get to enjoy a fantastic range of features. Like our Anticrease program, helping you cut down on the ironing, and our Dry+ technology so you get the exact degree of dryness you need. Not to mention the auto switch-off feature, saving you both time and money. Excellent.


Belling Tumble Dryers incorporate 3 levels of Automatic Sensor Drying, protecting clothes, reducing electricity and saving time.

Anti Crease

Prevents creases by loosening clothes at regular intervals.

Delay Start

This option allows you to delay the start of the cycle up to 24 hours, enabling you to arrive home just in time for when the cycle finishes.


An appliance that shines.

The Sensicare 15-Place dishwasher, complete with cutlery drawer, not only cleans the dishes to a high shine, but dries them too. Plus, it's big on efficiency and eco-friendliness - but low on noise. It'll do everything at a quiet 40dba sound level, the same as you'd find in a library. Shhh, enough said.

Large Capacity

Space for 15 place settings, from soup plates to dessert spoons

Energy Efficient

A+++, up to 30% more efficient than a standard dishwasher

Turbo Dry

Produces extra heat to actively dry dishes quicker

Water Saving

Eco wash uses only 10ltrs, one of the lowest levels on the market

Noise Friendly

40 dba for a quiet life


3 storage levels including cutlery tray, all easily adjustable to cater for larger items