No. of Burners/Elements 5 Ceramic Elements
Medium Burner x2 Medium (1.8 KW)
Small Burners x2 Small (1.2 KW)
Dual Ceramic Burner x1 Dual (0.7-2.2KW)
Easy Clean Ceramic Glass Surface Yes
Oven Type Variable Rate Dual Circuit Electric Grill
Capacity (actual) 35 Litre Capacity
Removable Shelves Yes
Oven - Left
Oven Type Fanned Electric Oven
Programmable Oven Yes
Capacity (actual) 62 Litre Capacity
Capacity (usable) 52 Litre Capacity
Energy Rating A Energy Rating
Easy Clean Enamel Yes
Oven Light Yes
Defrost Function Yes
Shelf No. 2 Shelves (5 positions)
Removable Shelves Yes
Timer LED Clock/Programmer
Tall Oven
Oven Type Tall Fanned Electric Oven
Capacity (actual) 91 Litre Capacity
Capacity (usable) 76 Litre Capacity
Energy Rating A Energy Rating
Easy Clean Enamel Yes
Oven Light Yes
Defrost Function Yes
Shelf No. 3 Shelves (25 positions)
Removable Shelves Yes
Height 900-930mm
Width 896mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 78kg
Standard Features
Fuel Electric
Size 90 cm
Timer Yes
Fascia Cooling System Yes
Accessories (included)
Grillpan/trivet Yes
Fuse Size (A) 45
Removable Parts (For Cleaning)
Shelves Yes
Shelf Runners Yes
Easy Clean Enamel Oven

Easy Clean Enamel

A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface – allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

Open Door Grilling

Open Door Grilling

This allows the air to circulate, so the food truly grills, and does not bake.

A Energy

A Rated Electric Ovens

All Belling electric ovens proudly feature an A rating for energy efficiency, meaning they have limited impact on the environment and reducing running costs.

Fanned Oven

Fanned Oven

This distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. It creates an even temperature and keeps those flavours from intermingling – so now you can bake your favourite cake at the same time as your cut of meat.

It works by drawing in and distributing air through vents, producing an even cooking temperature throughout the oven. So cooks and bakers can use all levels of the oven instead of swapping shelves.

Tall Fanned Oven Belling

Tall Fanned Oven

Thanks to Belling’s dedication to design and great cooking, they’re now able to offer the largest tall oven available on a 90cm range cooker. The 90cm models all come with a tall oven as standard, so you can enjoy multi-level cooking options within a huge 91 litre capacity oven, perfect for batch baking.

Dual Circuit Grill

Dual Circuit Variable Electric Grill

A feature of our high-specification electric and dual fuel cookers, dual circuit variable electric grills let you adjust the grilling power to suit, but with faster preheat times and the precision of a temperature dial. For smaller portions you can use just the inner section of the grill width for economy, using the full width of the grill if you're feeding the family.

Fully programmable timer

Fully Programmable Timer

Once you've done the preparation, you can leave the oven to do the rest thanks to its fully programmable timer. 

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