No. of Burners/Elements 4 Ceramic burners
Large Burners x1 Large (1.7kW)
Small Burners x2 Small (1.2KW)
Easy Clean Glass Ceramic Surface Yes
Rotary Control Yes
Dual Hob x1 Large Dual (0.7-1.7 KW)
Main Cavity
Oven Type Multifunction Oven
Capacity (actual) 69 Litre Capacity
Capacity (usable) 61 Litre Capacity
Energy Rating A Energy Rating
Defrost Function Yes
Easy Clean Enamel Yes
Shelf No. 2 Shelves (5 positions)
Removable Shelves Yes
Oven Light Yes
Programmable Timer Yes
Door Opening Side Opening Glass Door
Top Heat Only Yes
Intensive Bake Feature Yes
Base Heat Only Yes
9 Oven Functions Yes
Pizza Function Yes
Grill With Fan Yes
Top Cavity
Oven Type Conventional Electric Oven (1.2KW)
Grill Type Varible 3 stage Electric Grill (0.6/1.7/2.7 KW)
Capacity (actual) 39 Litre Capacity
Capacity (usable) 37 Litre Capacity
Energy Rating A Energy Rating
Easy Clean Enamel Yes
Shelf No. 1 Shelf (5 positions)
Door Opening Drop Down Glass Door
Removable Shelves Yes
Door type Glass
Fuel Electric
Size 60 cm
Timer Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes
Fascia Cooling System Yes
Accessories (included)
Grillpan/Trivet Yes
Removable Parts (For Cleaning)
Inner Door Yes
Shelves Yes
Shelf Runners Yes
Electrical Connection Fixed Wiring
Terminal Block Position Centre of Rear Panel
Fuse Size 32A
Power Supply 240V
Height 900-930mm
Width 600mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 53kg
Multifunction Oven

Multifunction Oven

The multifunction oven, is just one of the features that has made Belling the first choice for home cooks and professional chefs, by having nine cooking options.

Conventional Oven - This function is ideal for traditional roasting. The meat is placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes towards the top.

Top Heat - Use the top oven element towards the end of the cooking, for delicate browning. Great for dishes like lasagne.

Base Heat - The base heat can be used to provide additional browning for pizzas, pies and quiche. Use this function towards the end of cooking.

Base Heat with Fan - The base element cooks the base of your open pies, while the fan allows the air to circulate around the filling.

Defrost - The fan assists defrosting by circulating room temperature air around the food, it is more hygienic and is done in half the time.

Fanned Oven - Distributes the heat evenly through the use of an integrated fan. Perfect for batch baking.

Intensive Bake - Suitable for food with a high moisture content, such as quiche, bread and cheese cake. It also eliminates the need for baking pastry blind.

Fanned Grilling - Circulates heat around the food, making it ideal for thinner foods such as bacon, fish, gammon and steaks.

Conventional Grilling - This function cooks food from the top and is ideal for a range of food from toast to steaks. As the whole grill is working you can cook large quantities of food.

Easy Clean Enamel Oven

Easy Clean Enamel

A specially-designed enamel interior that prevents food from fusing to the surface – allowing you to wipe away spills easily when cleaning.

Removeable door

Removable Inner Door Glass

The oven doors are designed with a removable slide out glass panel, this gives you easy access to all parts of the door when cleaning, helping you make sure your Belling stays in mint condition.

Open Door Grilling

Open Door Grilling

This allows the air to circulate, so the food truly grills, and does not bake.

Conventional Electric Oven

Conventional Electric Oven

Using natural convection, the oven cavity will be hotter at the top and cooler at the bottom, which is ideal for traditional roasting. The meat can be placed in the middle of the oven, roast potatoes towards the top, and puddings towards the base.

Dual Circuit Grill

A feature of our high-specification electric and dual fuel cookers, dual circuit grills let you adjust the grilling power to suit, with settings for smaller and larger dishes.

Fully programmable timer

Fully Programmable Timer

Once you've done the preparation, you can leave the oven to do the rest thanks to its fully programmable timer. 

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable Feet

Move the feet to align your appliance with the worktop, and keep the clean lines of your kitchen.

AA Energy

AA Energy Rating

The main and top ovens both feature an A rating for energy efficiency, meaning they have limited impact on the environment and reduce running costs.

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